Cleveland Torso Murders

Between Sept. of 1934, and Aug. of 1938, 13 different bodies were found, all in the same condition — all missing heads and various limbs, and all hailing from the lower classes of society. In most cases, the cause of death was decapitation or dismemberment itself. Some of the bodies were found with their dismembered limbs near each other, and others took days to piece together, like a morbid jigsaw puzzle. Some of the body parts were never located. After the authorities ran out of suspects, and no more bodies were found, the case ran cold and remains unsolved to this day.

(Investigators look at the dismembered head
of one of the victims
(Investigators examine the bones of one of
the victims)

Death masks created in the hopes that members of the public could identify the
victims. They were not successful

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