The 4 children who disappeared from a burning house.

(Picture of Disappearance of the Sodder children. Fayetteville, West
Virginia. Christmas Eve, 1945

On Christmas eve, 1945 The Sodder family house burned to the ground. George and Jennie Sodder along with 4 of their 9 children managed to escape, the remaining 5 children were believed to have burned in the fire. But no remains were ever found even though the fire had not been hot enough to melt bone.

They had previously received threats; that their house will go up in flames, and that their fuse box will cause a fire someday. The children had also complained about a car following them after school. On the day of the fire, their telephone lines were found cut, the family trucks had stopped working, there were loud banging noises from the roof and the ladder went missing.

Years later a postcard was received with no return address, with the name of one of the presumably dead children “Louis Sodder” mentioned on it along with a picture of a man that resembled him. But what really happened to those children still remains a mystery.

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