The Dating Game Killer

(Alcala in 1979)

Rodney Alcala, ‘The Dating Game Killer’ killed over 12 people between September 25, 1968 – June 20, 1979. Alcala’s known victims were women aged 8-31. Not many details about exactly how he approached his victims are publicly known, but they were often attacked in their residences and usually raped and strangled with pant legs, stockings or shoelaces or beaten with a blunt object. Alcala had a notable habit of torturing his victims by first strangling them to the point of unconsciousness. Then, he resuscitated them at least once before finishing them off. Police believe the victims were posed “in carefully selected positions” post-mortem. He apparently took the earrings of his victims as trophies. He is also suspected of as many as a total of 130 murders based on photos found in his possession.

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