The Girl on the Church Hill

The girl on the Church Hill. Bucks County, Pennsylvania. June
12, 1977.

(Picture of Shaun before she had
been murdered)

On June 12, 1977 George Childs and his son Mark were driving down a road in Buckingham Township in Bucks County, PA when George spotted a dead body and summoned the cops.

The body belonged to Shaun Ritterson, a 20 year old girl whose body was found with her organs having been removed through a gaping hole made in her abdomen by the killer, a wound that a doctor said was made with “deer-cutting precision.” Shaun had also been stabbed many times and her body had been washed out-a towel had been stuffed in her body cavity. She had also been hit on the back of the head three times.

The worst was yet to come-Shaun may have been alive when she was gutted. Cops at the time wondered if she had been pregnant and that maybe she was disemboweled so the fetus could be taken. Although many people were suspected, no one was ever found guilty and her case remains unsolved.

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