The Kansas City Butcher

(Berdella in an undated photograph)

Between July 6, 1984 – March 28, 1988 Robert Berdella a.k.a. ‘The Kansas City Butcher’ killed 6 Caucasian men aged 18-22, who were all either prostitutes or acquaintances of his. After getting them to his house, he would get them drunk and/or drug them and keep them gagged and restrained to a bed in his basement with piano wire. Over the course of anywhere between a night and several weeks, he would torture them in a variety of ways, such as; electric shock, beating them various instruments, raping them, putting window caulk into their ears, applying bleach to their eyes using cotton swabs, injecting drain cleaner into their vocal cords, and eye gouging. He would document the torture process with a camera and keeping a detailed log, before eventually killing them, usually by asphyxiating them, sometimes using a plastic bag.

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