The Missing Boy Scout

Disappearance of Jared Negrete. California, 1991.

(Picture of Jared Negrete)

Jared was on a camping trip with his Boy Scout troop in San Bernardino County, California on July 19, 1991. The troop and their adult scoutmaster were hiking to the summit of Mount San Gorgonio, which is 11,500 feet high.

Jared became tired about 1,000 feet from the top and was told to remain behind alone while the others completed the hike. When the Scout troop returned, he was gone. He has never been seen again. Jared’s camera was located during an extensive search of the area. It was loaded and included landscape shots and an apparent self-portrait which showed only Jared’s nose and eyes. At least 70 officers, some of whom were airlifted by helicopter into the forest and horseback riders as well as helicopters with infrared were deployed. Over the next two weeks, as many as 3,000 people had logged 45,000 hours scouring 50 square miles of the San Bernardino National Forest from Angelus Oaks to Whitewater Canyon. But no further clues were found, Jared had vanished. Despite the discovery of the camera and its pictures, Jared remains missing.

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